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Francois is a Native French speaker, hailing from northern Paris. a picturesque and postcard-perfect little town called Arras, to be exact and he has traded rolling hills of sunflowers and fresh brie with the concrete jungle that is downtown Miami. He is still a bit of a nomad at heart, but while France has lost, for the time being, a linguistic adventurer, Miami has gained a formidable and talented French tutor. His approach is fresh and straightforward.

In fifteen minutes, Francois boldly states, you will learn more than 1,500 French wordswithout so much as batting your eyelashes or breaking a sweat. And I can say so, because Francois has been my personal tutor for over six months, and counting. His style is very much conversational, emulating pre-language phonetic building through listening and repetition. He constantly keeps you on your toes by encouraging, nay, demanding participation.

There is no opportunity for glassy-eyed stares and suppressed yawns. This is mostly because Francois will not throw books at you and demand that you read all fifty-five Chapters by Friday because there will be a quiz. Instead, he makes French fun and interesting by designing his lessons to maximize student participation. His philosophy is that language is learned not through detached memorization but through experiences created with interaction and conversation. Do not worry if your pronunciation is anythingless than stellar: content first, perfection later. If you have been on the prowl for a most excellent French tutor, your wait is officially over. Your very own French import can come straight to your doorstep and transport you to glorious, fabulous, and oh so chicLa France, in no time at all.


About Author: Mia Lee, Miami, Kendall 33183.

I am Executive Assistant and I live in Spain. I've also been teaching Human ressources for 7 years . I heard about Francois on Craiglist. I've always wanted to learn french in my life. I would like to share this testimorial with you guys because Francois taught me French in 7 months. "Maintenant, je sais parler Francais et engager une conversation avec quelqu'un très facilement" Try it !

Did you know that?

• The French invented parfum (perfume) to cover their bad smell.

• Unlike in the United States, the tooth fairy comes in the shape of a souris (mouse).

• The Declaration des Droits de l'Homme (French Declaration of Human Rights) inspired and set the foundation for the United State’s Bill of Rights.

• La Liberté éclairant le monde (the Statue of Liberty) was a gift from France meant to celebrate the long relationship between both nations.