Why learn French ?

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As a child, learning your native tongue introduced you to the world. As an adult, learning a new language opens your eyes to a new culture, food, people and history. Do not limit yourself to one tongue.

If you're thinking about taking French lessons, I highly recommend Francois. You won't regret working with him. He's very patient and is an excellent teacher. He's very energetic, always keeping you motivated. Rather than getting you to memorize material or giving you a bunch of homework, he teaches you to think in French rather than regurgitate canned responses. With each lesson I learned more and that made me look forward to our next session.

I am bilingual (English/Spanish) but French never stuck. I tried buying a few of those CDs you can play while you drive and it was a waste of time and money. I decided going the private tutor route would be a better solution after my first lesson with Francois (which is free by the way!). His prices are economical and his teaching style is very hands-on. By the end of our first lesson, I knew how to introduce myself to strangers and express a few feelings and make requests, I was literally speaking French!

After 6 months I feel perfectly comfortable speaking and corresponding with some of our French clients at work. Soon after seeing how quickly I picked it up, my husband also started taking lessons with Francois. We both talk to each other in French at home sometimes, it's a great way to practice. We've also booked our first to France for Christmas and look forward to trying an authentic crepe and speaking French with the locals!


About Author: Elisabeth, Miami, Brickell.

I am proudly representing and defending clients in immigration and criminal matters in the Courts. Fluent in two languages, I represents a diverse group of clients. My areas of practice focus on immigration law. Francois helped me to provide my French. "Working with Francois is easy and convenient. Even more importantly, he allowed me to structure my own sessions while also guiding the discussion towards areas which are particularly challenging, so you end up learning without even realizing it.

Did you know that?

• The French invented parfum (perfume) to cover their bad smell.

• Unlike in the United States, the tooth fairy comes in the shape of a souris (mouse).

• The Declaration des Droits de l'Homme (French Declaration of Human Rights) inspired and set the foundation for the United State’s Bill of Rights.

• La Liberté éclairant le monde (the Statue of Liberty) was a gift from France meant to celebrate the long relationship between both nations.